Return Policy


You may cancel your annual subscription at any time. Cancellations made after 30 days of service do not qualify for a refund. We will continue to provide service to your account and all active decals registered under your account until the end of the one year term. Your satisfaction is our highest priority; please contact for more information on refunds.


We will not accept returns of decals since the identification numbers on the decals are unique. If decals have been removed from backing, placed on items, and/or registered they are unreturnable. We may refund the cost of decals if you are not satisfied with our product or service. Your satisfaction is our highest priority! Pease contact for more information on returns/refunds.


We stand behind our decals just as we stand behind you! If your decals are ever damaged to the point where they do not function properly, we will send you a replacement decal at no cost. Protecting your gear is our priority, guaranteed.