How It Works

Purchasing Decals:

  1. Shop Decals

  2. Click “Add to Cart”

  3. Access Shopping Cart 

    • If decals are for you: Add Karmik Outdoors Annual Membership to your cart 

    • If you’re buying decals as a gift for someone else: Annual Membership can be ‘purchased’ by gift recipient at time of initial decal registration

  4. Proceed to Checkout

  5. Sign up/Login 

    • Create an account now to ensure ease of decal registration when decals are recieved

  6. Enter Payment Info

  7. Complete Purchase

Registering Gear:

  1. Obtain Decal

  2. (Optional) Download Size & Fit Guide to:

    • Ensure QR code scans (Important for rounded objects)

    • Ensure appropriate fit

  3. Clean Application Surface

  4. Affix Permanent Decal to Your Gear

  5. Scan Decal: Access smartphone camera and hover camera over QR code

  6. Register new account OR login  

  7. Sign up for Karmik Outdoors Annual Membership 

    • 1st year of service is FREE 

  8. Complete item registration webform

  9. Review registered items in Gear Garage

Returning Lost Gear | Finder Instructions:

  1. Scan decal: Access camera on smartphone and hover camera over QR code
  2. Complete Return Lost Gear webform

  3. Original owner will contact you when they receive appropriate contact information

  4. Give gear back to original owner

  5. Receive reward