Frequently Asked Questions

Our Brand

Karmik Outdoors provides outdoorsmen and women a reliable method of preventing the indefinite loss of outdoor recreational gear. We sell decals equipped with QR codes that you affix to your outdoor gear so that the gear is identifiable for return if lost, thus enabling you to take on your next outdoor adventure. For more information please see About Us.

Our Technology

Our waterproof decals are always legible and scannable unlike a Sharpie or cheap sticker. They are extremely durable and will not rub off, chip, or fade – they are permanent!  With our technology, we ensure that all of the necessary information is attached to your account so that anyone who finds your gear can contact you to give it back. Our decals provide immediate data so we can alert you as soon as someone finds your lost items.  

Yes, but you will be required to communicate with the finder in order to receive your item back. We will never sell your personal information or provide your personal information to a third party. See our privacy policy for more information.

Simply open the camera function on your smartphone and make sure the QR code is clearly displayed and in focus. When a notification shows up on your screen click the notification to be directed to the appropriate link.   


  • Close camera function, reopen camera function, try again. 
  • Ensure QR is in focus. 
  • Ensure decal has minimal glare
  • Wet Decal (Spit or Water)
  • Use zoom function 
  • Lastly, go to the return item page on our website and enter the ID found on the decal manually

Our adhesive is permanent so do not try to  take the decal off as this may damage your gear. If you choose to part ways with your item please login to your account and deactivate the decal attached to that specific item. The new owner can now register the decal under a new account if they choose to do so. Remind the new owner that their first year is free – this can be a wonderful selling point for you!

Our Products

When you activate a decal and attach it to an item, it gets linked to your account. By slapping our decals onto your outdoor recreational gear, finders can contact you by scanning the QR code on the decal and entering the ID number. Alternatively, they may go online and enter the decal ID number at

When someone finds a lost item, you will get an email or text or both notifying you that someone is trying to return the item. 

For a more illustrative explanation, see our How It Works page. 

During our product development stage, we performed test trials using our own outdoor recreational gear! Yes, we intentionally ‘lost’ our own gear. Our trials showed that about 75% of people returned our ‘lost’ gear within 2 days. Our hypothesis is that return rates for all of our customers combined will be a minimum of 90% soon after launching Karmik Outdoors. Check out our testimonials from real people!

The adhesive used for our decals is extremely permanent, but it is non-toxic and non-corrosive. Once you place the decal on your gear it will be there for the life of your item (most applications). If you try to pull the decal off it will likely ruin the paint, powder coat, varnish, etc. off of your item. Please download our size and fit PDF to ensure the decal placement is correct on your first attempt. We also suggest taping the pdf decal to the object and try scanning it. Some curved surfaces are too curved for a QR to scan. 

Peel backing off carefully by avoiding the use of your fingernails to remove the decal from the backing.

Using fingernails to pick the decal from the backing may cause delamination which is when the layers of the decal become detached. This will ruin the durability and appearance of the decal.

Clean the desired application surface with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol (spot testing on your item is suggested), then let the area dry.

Place the decal where you want it and press firmly on all sides for a minute or more.

We suggest waiting a full 24 hours to allow the adhesive to cure prior to exposing our item and decal outside elements.

We believe that our decals will help keep honest folks honest. Having our decals on your gear might act as a theft deterrent, but we do not yet have data that would support this claim.

You can find our selection of products for purchase HERE

The price for the various package sizes of decals differs depending on the quantity of decals included. You can buy/register as many decals as you would like and all of your decals are managed under your one account at no additional cost per decal registered.  When you register a decal for the first time your account is active and fully functional for 1 year. On the anniversary of your initial registration date, and with each successive year, you will be charged the annual membership fee of $1.99 per decal per year to keep your account active and all your decals functional.

You will receive an email from with the contact information for the finder. Contact the finder and discuss how best to proceed with having your item returned back to you. Please don’t forget to reward the finder if you attached a monetary reward to your item. Contact with any questions.

Our decals are waterproof, rust proof, scratch and fade proof, salt, acid, oil, germ, chemical & UV resistant. Our decals will outlast your gear. If they don’t, let us know and we will make it right. Our decals have a lifetime guarantee. 

It depends on how badly you want the rewards and your conviction to get the item back to the original owner. If you entered your information incorrectly then the owner cannot contact you. Please try scanning again and be diligent about entering your information correctly, potentially using both an email address and telephone number. Please contact us if your attempts do not work or if you aren’t contacted by the owner within one weeks and we will attempt to contact the owner for you.


Simply scan the QR code on your decal or go to the registration page and fill out all required fields. Our database will ensure that every decal you register under your account is connected to you and your piece of equipment.

Your account will renew automatically annually using the credit card you provided us at initial registration. We will send you a notification prior to this date to remind you of the upcoming charge and will send you a receipt then the transaction is complete.

Yes, you can attach a reward provided to whomever finds and returns your gear if you choose to do so. However, we have a Karmik Outdoors return incentive built in to each decal you purchase. When someone returns your gear, the individual will be provided with the following to reward them for their good deed: 

  • A Karmik Outdoors 10 pack of Decals with one year of service
  • Entry into monthly drawing for a ‘smaller’ prize
  • Entry into an annual drawing for a ‘larger’ prize
  • Good Karma

Yes, although your first year is free, each year thereafter will cost $1.99 per decal per year. You will be asked to provide a credit card at time of initial registration and you will be charged this membership annually starting one year from the date of your initial account registration.

You can manage as many decals/protect unlimited gear items under your individual account for the low annual cost of $1.99 per decal per year with your first year being free. We encourage you to protect as much gear as you can because the annual membership fee does not change based on the number of decals/items you have registered.

First of all, you are amazing for buying Karmik protection for someone. They pay the fee. When they create an account and register the decals, they would then be responsible for the annual fee to keep their account active.

Karmik Outdoors provides 24/7 service and protect outdoorsmen and women from the indefinite loss of thousands of dollars worth of gear.

For only $1.99 per decal per year you are protected.

If you feel like it’s too much and decide you can not pay, your decals will still scan but your contact information will not be provided to the finder.

If you lost something and it’s found you can simply login to your account and reactivate your membership. Then we will send the finder your contact information.