Our Partners

Sawyer Paddles and Oars

“We’ve hand-made paddles and oars for more than 50 years, and few things can be as personal as our customer’s relationship and connection to the water, and with their river communities. Returning lost gear is not only the right thing to do, it’s a simple way to continue those relationships and connect people doing what they love, enjoying the Feel of Water.”

-Derek Young, Sawyer Paddles and Oars

Tornado Anchors

We all value our gear. These are the tools we use to access and enjoy the outdoors. Whether that value is measured in dollars or sentiment, the tools we use define our passions and personality. Karmik Outdoors decals are a perfect system to help any lost items safely find their way home.” 

– Keith W., Tornado Anchors

TrueFly Supply

“Over my years fishing, I bet I have lost thousands of dollars of fishing gear. Rarely do I get lost things returned when they are found. I’m excited about the launch of the Karmik Outdoors to assist with gear return. This will be an excellent service for anyone who ventures outdoors, plays hard and loses or misplaces their hard-earned gear.”

– Ed W., TrueFly Supply



“Rent This Rod strives to give our customers an exceptional user experience.  This is reflected in the physical equipment we offer – rods, reels, and fly lines.  Now, thanks to Karmik Outdoors, our clients can have enhanced peace of mind knowing that if their rental gear becomes lost there’s a greater chance of it being found and returned to us.  A unique and much-needed offering from a unique and much-needed business!”

-Dave M., Rent This Rod

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